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Frequently Ask Questions

Yes. Send 15 qualified individuals and receive $1000 cash. Send 4 qualified individuals receive $140 and $25 thereafter on additional referrals

The IRS typically starts accepting tax returns for processing around January 28. From that date it takes up to 21 days to process if sent electronically. If sent by paper it takes up to 6 weeks from the date received.

The banking information that you are seeing is K and A banking information. In order for us to extract our fees from your tax return we need a bank to do this process. So our Tax bank gets your tax refund, takes our fees out and then sends the rest of the tax refund to your personal bank that you originally provided. This allows our clients to not have to pay UPFRONT tax preparation fees.

Reasons to not receiving stimulus
1. Change of address
2. Didn't file your 2018 or 2019 taxes
3. Offset by child support

In Season Jan- Apr 9-7 m-f, 10-6 Sat,Sun OFF
Off Season May- Dec 10-4 m-Thurs Fri, Sat and Sun OFF

Direct Deposit, Check, Prepaid Card

There are 3 fees associated with each IRS tax submission: there is a Bank fee of $39.95, Transmission software fee of $29.95 and Preparation fee which ranges from $53-$650 depending on service needed.

Yes we do!!!!! Starting Jan 2 we offer advances up to $6,000

There are many factors that can decrease your refund. The MOST common one is not having enough taxes taken out based on income received for the year. Dependent's age increases minimize some credits, no longer having dependents to carry minimize credit. Speak with your preparer on this credits and deductions

No Step Brother must stay with you for more than 6 months in tax year

Absolutely even if she live in Mexico

Well it happens. Audits are random unless there is some type of suspicious activity of fraudulent return. We have your back all tax returns filed by K and A Mobile Tax Services have audit protection

Unfortunately No the government isn't that friendly lol

You can only write off expenses of the farm if the farm is producing and selling products . If the farm is for personal use it is not a deductible expense.

It's mailed out to you every tax year before filing. If you misplaced or didn't receive it you can go online and get it immediately or call the IRS to mail another to you which can take up to 6 weeks.

Tax Credits, deduction and exemptions change yearly and so does most income. Typically income increases due to raises but taxes withheld don’t, so now your making more and not having enough taxes taken out throughout year.

At end of season. Season ends April 15th. Referrals go out around May 1 via Cash app

It takes anywhere from 30-60 days to see a change. Each individual situation will vary.

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