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We offer
Different Services

We provide various services at affordable cost. K & A solution is to provide excellent customer service while assisting each client become financially free.



We offer term life insurance that pays if you survive!!! We also partnered with many of the top car insurance carriers that give our clients the lowest rates.



We are savvy Quickbooks Certified Professionals that want to make it easier for businesses to keep their finances in order.


Tax Planning & Preparation

We are affordable,experienced tax professionals that have over 11 years of knowledge in the tax industry.


Financial Education

‚ÄčIf you have less than perfect credit you are overpaying for majority of the things you own. K and A focus is to provide our clients with a chance to become financial free


Notary Service

We are a mobile notary that will visit your home, office or hospital at your convenience. We are friendly, affordable and efficient call us today!!!.


Business Structure

Ready for entrepreneurship?? We will help you organize and set up your business structure for a fraction of the cost.



We offer the most affordable loan repayment in the market. PAYDAY loans shouldn't and don't have to be your only option.

Who We Are

We are affordable,experienced tax professionals that have over 11 years of knowledge in the tax industry. Our focus is to make sure every client pay less taxes and take home more money during tax time. We stand behind our work. If we do the work we are your Audit Protection. Received a letter from IRS?? No IRS issue is too big for us to handle. If you haven't filed taxes in years, NO problem. We get people refunds that haven't file back taxes!!!





Teresa Agapiou, Kingwood, TX

I've had a great experience with K&A!!! Taxes for small business could be very frustrating. Well, thanks to K&A they were able to maximize my refund. They have always been great about follow up and providing strategic advice, and their tax preparation has always been fast, diligent, and accurate. Thanks K&A!!!!

Nicole Farrington, Seattle WA

I'm so thankful and pleased with your services. Simple & straight forward process. K&A took care of this hard working Citizen. I'm grateful! Thank you K&A see you next year!

K and A Mobile Tax Services 2017

K and A does Magic!!! In 2017, we submitted a tax return for tax year 2011 for a truck driver who has not filed over 7 years. The IRS had him owing $51,314.03 just for 2011! After we worked his #'s he now owes less than 2% of what the IRS wanted. I can't wait to share how much money we saved him after they process 2012-2016 tax years!

If your business could benefit from K&A Mobile Tax Services, call Kesha and Arline today to schedule a consultation.

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