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Our value as a Dedicated Bookkeeping Expert

* We gather financial data from our clients account and prepare a detailed record that is up to date. This makes future forecasting easier on business owners.
* The name of the game is COMPLIANCE! We keep our clients up to date with legal regulation and sny changes that may occur.
* For the purposes of Taxation the IRS will demand financial statements and detailed balance sheets to support the company's year expense report. We will have that for you.

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Our value as a Dedicated Tax Professional

* COVID! COVID! COVID! Has struck the world in a way that we must revamp a better system to get our clients information safely.
* We have a system that allows our clients to send all tax information from the comfort of their home or office.
* We have dedicated staff of tax professionals that are IRS approved to assist as taxpayer with any tax needs. They are trained to make sure each client gets the maximum deductions.
* We are was fair, affordable, diligent tax firm that take pride in providing excellent customer service.
* We don’t stop at tax preparation we want to educate our client on how to manage their taxes.
* We have an enrolled agent available to assist with representation before IRS. Don’t want to talk to IRS? Ok we will on your behalf. Have you received a IRS letter lately??

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Our value as a Dedicated Mobile Notary Public

* With then current pandemic it almost easier to stay put and let us travel to you. As we will take precautionary measures we travel to home, business or hospital.
* We also have monthly rates for business thar require multiple notary services monthly.
Tavel Charge $35 0 -10miles
Each additional mile $ 5 per mile
Acknowledgements-in person $6 per page
Acknowledgments -virtual $12 per page
Certified Copies $6 per page
Protest $4 for each bill or note
$1 per notice served
$4 for certificate and seal
Deposition $6 for certificate and oath
50 cents per 100 words
All other Notarial Acts $6

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Our value as a Dedicated Financial Educator

* We will set our clients up with a 5 star credit repair program. The program allow a team of credit repair experts to diligently work your credit report to perfection. Who doesn't want to be apart of the 800 club? They will guide you to raising your score Having E XCELLENT credit end results means SAVING MONEY!!!
* One of K and A mottos are to pay less and keep more. It takes just a couple of minutes to enroll in a LIFE CHANGING program.
"If you want to improve your life you must commit to changing your daily habits and creating a permanent lifestyle shift. You can't depend on quick fixes". Karen Salmansohn

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Our value as a Dedicated Insurance Agency

* K and A Insurance agency strives to give our clients the best insurance rates on auto, home, commercial and business
* We will help you setup new policy, switch from old insurance with ease
* We are closely connected with over 30 insurance carriers to make sure our clients is getting the lowest rate but best coverage!!
* We also provide Bonds for any personal or business needs

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Our value as a Dedicated Business Structure Experts

* We once started with a little idea of owing a business. 6 years later 4 locations and over 9 employees and still growing. All success comes from a process that we are willing to share with our clients so they can achieve their dreams.
* We provide a strategic step by step checklist to keep the business aligned your business goals

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Our value as a Dedicated Affiliated Lender

* We work closely with Aura loans to provide our client the more affordable way of borrowing money. We strongly discourage PAYDAY loans which can leave one stressed and broke at the end of the day
* Aura gives up to $4,000. Bad Credit? OK, Expired License? OK, ITIN? OK, No SSN? Ok * They provide reasonable monthly payment that is reported to all 3 major credit bureaus. Helping increase your score while paying back loan

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Our value as a Dedicated software provider

* You have to start your business venture somewhere. Why not with us? We have all the top products that a preparer would need to get started TODAY.
* Our software allows our preparer's to prepare taxes and print clients checks immediately in the comfort of their home or office
* 24 hour access to our IT Department

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Our value as a Dedicated Check Cashing Provider

* We are truly a ONE STOP SHOP!!! When you file your taxes with K and A we are able to cash a portion of your check some cash in your pocket.
* No more standing in the long line at Walmart to cash your IRS check!!!

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Bill Pay

* Our bill pay system is simple pay all your bills with us and save money on fees and get your payment to lender on-time. Ask associate for more details.

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